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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great investment for your San Diego home. Ceiling fans save you energy during warm and cool periods.

During summer run your fan counter-clockwise and it lowers the temperature for occupants by one or two degrees. This will mean that your air conditioner can be used less.

And, of course, as the fan cools you rather than the air, it need only be run when you're in the room.

During winter reverse the direction so that the blades spin clockwise, the fan will pull warm air from the ceiling down into the room, again, creating savings on your energy bills. Changing the direction of spin is a matter of pushing a button.  

Ceiling fans are heavy in weight and require a special junction box to be safely installed in your ceiling. We install so many ceiling fans that we always have the special junction boxes on our truck and can do the job in one trip.

We are proud to be your San Diego Electrician that can replace an existing ceiling fan with a new fan that you have purchased yourself.

Ceiling Fan Installation

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